This will be the year of businesses starting to set them free.

Most businesses gladly gave away their estate to platforms hoping to grow their user base and turn a casual audience into incremental profit. Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Snapchat, Apple News and hundreds of social platforms promised more than they delivered.

I feel that 2017 will revert the trend. Businesses will start realizing that they need to do business in their own terms, own their data, have freedom of choice and have a right to take their long-term decisions.

Publishers started leaving Facebook Instant Articles and some professional publishers started leaving Medium. From small to medium size operations the need to build their long-term success is going to pull the plug on easy enthusiasm for the next big thing that solves X.

It will require willpower and investments, a lot of learning and adapting to technology. A technology stack built on human and technical resources and wiser – more mature –product and project managers.

It’s going to be fun. I bet small businesses will lead the growth for services that empower small organizations to be free and on the edge of technology.